The term vasti literally means bladder, it indicates a treatment that has the aim of containing and retaining something (the oil).

The vasti is a localized treatment, specific for each part of the body that has a problem and therefore is suffering and weak.
It is a bath of warm medicated oil that is put in a small pool, a structure made with legume flour and positioned on the area to be treated, making it adhere well to the skin.
The medicated oil descends through the pores of the skin to the muscles, vertebrae, spinal cord, improving blood flow, its supply and thus nourishing muscles, cartilages, connective tissues, discs and vertebrae.

Vasti also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and produces a significant energy benefit when positioned near the marman points.
It can be performed to treat back and spine pain (the abdomen for abdominal problems); it is an excellent treatment for shoulder and neck pain, for acute or chronic back pain, against sciatica and tension in the lumbar area, it corrects the effects of incorrect postures.

It can be used for chest, respiratory, asthma, bronchitis, acidity problems, it tones the chest muscles and the bony tissues of the ribcage, it reduces cold sensation and strengthens the heart muscles.
The Vasti located on the forehead have the purpose of reducing too much mental activity and promoting relaxation and good sleep.
Medicated herbal oils are used, to be left on for 20-30 min.

Not recommended in pregnancy and in case of allergies to flour or herbs.


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