Swedana has among its functions that of removing toxins from the tissues. Combining Swedana with the massage greatly improves the effect of the massage itself. Swedana literally means sweating.

Swedana is a steam bath that conveys a feeling of total well-being, bringing benefits to the whole body, excluding the head, since the latter remains outside.
It has a purifying effect, cleansing the skin deeply. The skin pores dilate. The sweat and sebaceous glands, stimulated by heat, secrete their secretions and relative solutes. The skin, soaked in water, is also washed from the inside, producing a much deeper cleansing, not only of the epidermis, but also of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This process makes the epidermis bright and elastic, free from all impurities. The continuous flow of steam at a temperature of 40-55 ° C exerts a bactericidal power in the closest areas (feet, hands, perineum), raising the dermal temperature, which can exceed 37° C. The benefits of the combined action of heat and steam concern the blood and lymphatic circulation.

The heart pump is strengthened and the circulation speed increases together with the sympathetic vasoconstriction of the splanchnic, musculoskeletal and renal districts. All this promotes a deep cleaning and reactivation of the vascular bed, with an acceleration of vital and metabolic processes, promoting the expulsion of toxins and waste through sweating. Swedana dilates the shrota or channels of the body, responsible for the transport of toxic (ama), waste material, from the deepest tissues to the gastrointestinal tract.
The body acquires lightness, flexibility and agility.

Duration of treatment:
The duration of a treatment with Swedana varies according to the type of client and his tolerance to heat. The minimum time for treatment is about 10 minutes: this causes the pores to open, the body warms up and relaxes. Normally, in the following sessions, 20-30 minutes can be achieved, obtaining a detoxifying and reducing action.

Swedana is forbidden for pregnant women, for those who have problems with heart pressure, varicose veins and during the menstrual cycle.


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