Pregnancy gives life ... Ayurveda is the science that studies life
A life inside of you. Pregnancy and Ayurveda
According to Ayurveda, mom and baby are closely connected during pregnancy,

so much so that every negative emotion of the mother will inevitably affect the baby; for this reason, the woman was invited to lead the nine months of gestation away from any source of stress, tension, anxiety and anguish, promoting harmony around her as much as possible.
Pregnant women are expected to care for themselves with intense caution. It is a joyful and natural moment in their life, but it is also totally new and every future mother experiences it in a unique way.
Travel companions during pregnancy are yoga and ayurvedic massage. They bring innumerable physical and mental benefits: they will help the future mother to be prepared for that appointment, waited for nine months: giving birth and beyond.
The recommendation for future mothers is to devote themselves to massage, even more so in these months, sometimes tiring and cause of tension, to eliminate stress and promote balance in this special moment of life.
The massage is a way to promote her serenity and to prepare her, with gentleness, for one of the most important moments in her life.
The massage during pregnancy (garbabhyangam) is practiced in a relaxing and quiet location. It involves the whole body, focusing on different specific points, depending on the month of gestation and the mental and physical predisposition of the mother, especially from the fourth month.
The body is constantly looking for inner balance in a period of continuous change given by the presence of the child, stimulating the back muscles and sometimes creating painful back or lumbar tension.
The physiological increase in weight means that the legs can be fatigued and the circulation affected. On an emotional level, this is a period of inevitable disruption, which generates episodes of depression or anxiety; for this reason Ayurveda has great beneficial health effects.
But the strength of Ayurvedic massage as well as improving relaxation and posture is a panacea for the mind
Massages during pregnancy can help regulate hormones that trigger mood swings, such as norepinephrine and cortisol, which are reduced thanks to the action of massage manipulation.
Sometimes hormonal changes occur with low levels of serotonin and dopamine, which must be sustained to maintain a high positive mood both before and after childbirth.
These hormones help reduce the number of complications during childbirth, so a constant massage is recommended during maternity, as an integral part of prenatal care.

Massage during pregnancy has global benefits:

• reducing muscle tension in the back and legs; • reduce joint pain; • improve blood circulation
• reducing edema (swelling);
• increasing the oxygenation of muscle tissues;
• reducing anxiety states;
• improving the quality of sleep;
• giving support in case of depressive states: stimulating the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine helps the mother to face the moment of childbirth with more emotional serenity;
• treating stretch marks and sagging skin;
• decreasing stress levels, thanks to the delicate frictions and stroking typical of this type of massage, (due to the release of the norepinephrine hormone and high levels of cortisol).

Contraindications of Pregnancy Massage

It is better to wait for the first quarter, when the most delicate period can be considered past. In the case of women with at-risk pregnancies, states of hypertension or severe swelling, massage is not recommended. Especially in cases of gestations accompanied by blood or water loss, dizziness and excessive palpitations, frequent abdominal pain.

The basic advice is: the approval of the trusted doctor, to protect the mother, the child and the professional.


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