Since I was a child I have always given moments of well-being, receiving thanks from the lucky man who liked and appreciated my touch, and so I decided to invest everything on myself, and in what I always liked to do.

I followed the wise words of Confucius:

"Choose the job you love and you'll never work, not for a day in your life."

The first course I took as a "Wellness Operator," I knew right away that I was on the right path, but I needed a title that had more value in order to do the job of my dreams.

federica ennas ayuwellnessI attended the IAL Sardinia School of Beauty at the Forte Village, alternating between the winter studies and the summer seasons at the Terme del Forte, starting to get curious about Ayurveda and Water Massage. I finished my studies as a beautician in 2010, I collected various experiences around the world. In all the structures where I have worked, I have lived important and constructive experiences, from a human and professional point of view.

In the French villages and cruise ships, I was able to improve my marketing techniques, to manage my work independently I learned English and French, in the Terme del Forte Village I had a formal approach, carrying out the treatments according to LQA standards of excellence, dealing with high-level guests, at the Golf Hotel I strengthened the awareness in myself and in the mastery of the work, through all this knowledge at the "Ile de Cavalò" in Corsica, my role was that of Assistant Spa Manager and Receptionist Spa.

In Milan I was in charge of the dermocosmetic department in the pharmacy, and I carried out beauty treatments.

I attended the OBA course (water massage) and I studied 4 years of Ayurveda at the EFOA, in 2018 I obtained the examefederica ennas ayuwellness 2 as Ayurveda operator.

Thanks to all these experiences I learned to work with guests from all parts of the world, to carry out my work in total autonomy, collaborating with gyms, Pilates and Yoga studios, hotels and agencies that rent villas and promote the home massage service.

I have lost count of how many massages I have performed to date, but every time I have had the opportunity to get in touch with a person, I have always kept the threshold of attention in knowing how to listen and feel what that body had to say.

Each body has its own life, lived and present, (there are those who support even future ...) is a vessel of emotions, memories, and scars more or less deep and not always completely healed. Anything that is not accepted, and therefore not "cooked", or "transformed" could be harmful to our health, Ayurveda is specialized in eliminating toxins, which are normally not expelled.

The passion, commitment and love with which I do my work I am sure that it reaches all of you, every time your face, after the treatment, is transformed, changed and thanking me you leave with a blissful air and a graceful appearance, just like beautiful butterflies ...

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Ayuwellness Luxury for your mind was born in 2019, after a ten-year experience in several luxury spa resorts. The idea is due to a careful attention and research to rediscover the meaning of wellness and satisfaction in the deepest place of our existence: the soul. Read more


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