Ayurveda is the ancient Vedic "science of life" which dates back over 5,000 years. For Ayurveda the mind is the reflection of the body, the storehouse of all the impressions we perceive through the senses.
The body is a mental organism, it is the means of perception aimed at supporting the functions of the senses and facilitating experience through the mind. Deficiencies in bodily functions have roots in perceptual processes and result from a bad use of the senses. Misuse of the senses leads to wrong actions that create pain and errors.
From the way we use the mind we can understand how our body works.

Ayurveda considers the human being as a whole, not as a set of chemical reactions. It teaches that harmony with nature, simplicity and joy are the keys to preserving and protecting well-being. It is a discipline that indicates a balanced way of life in which we can realize ourselves, it is a question that concerns our own being: present to ourselves.
If we consider the various people in the world, we will notice that we are not entirely similar, on the contrary, each person has a precise constitution different from that of every other person. Physical shape and size, personality, character of people are different and influence their health and happiness. To have happiness and well-being in life and harmonious social relationships we must first understand our nature and that of others, and accept that it may be different from ours.

One of the great wonders of Ayurveda is that it helps us understand all individual differences, talents and aversions very clearly. There are three main constitutional types according to the 3 biological moods that are the basic force of physical life.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha correspond to the 5 major elements of air, fire, ether, earth and water that act within the mind-body complex.
Ayurvedic massage and internal and external treatments help eliminate toxins through purification, they improve the immune system, strengthen muscle tone and joints, relaxing and rejuvenating the body. The senses are cleaned up, improving the perception of what is happening around us.
The massage is personalized according to the dystonia of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Touching, kneading, clutches are used, the use of oils with medicinal herbs distinguishes it, the intensity and strength in the massage depend on the need of the individual.
Ayurveda is not a religion, it is not in conflict with cultural traditions, it can be practiced without difficulty in modern life. It connects us with the source of genius and happiness, within consciousness, so that we can return to unity with the Universe and the Divine within us.

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