The candle massage is a sweet entrancing holistic technique, it relaxes the body and promotes relaxation and well-being, thanks to a manual and natural approach.

Candle massage is a modern massage technique, used to relieve physical and psychological ills, it has a relaxing, moisturizing and decontracting action. It stimulates all 5 senses.

The senses involved in this massage are:

  • The sight: the light of the candle is observed while the vegetable butters of which it is composed pleasantly drip on the skin.
  • The sense of smell: the delicate and precious scents of butters are reminiscent of pleasant situations, as it happens with aromatherapy.
  • Touch: allows you to listen to the rhythm of the hands sliding on the body during the massage.
  • Hearing: often an oriental or relaxing melody accompanies your massage.
  • Taste: the skin absorbs loose butters and quenches thirst. In addition to the feeling of psychological relaxation that this multisensory involvement entails, it gives tone and vigor to the body, freeing it from stress and fatigue and recharging it with well-being.

The candles used are created by me, they are made up of a mix in varying proportions of: coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, flavored extra virgin olive oils (myrtle, juniper, orange et cetera), shea butter, bees wax and soybeans 
Candle massage is practiced directly with the hands and forearms, with ample movements that relax and tone the muscles up.

Contraindications of Candle massage

It is not recommended during menstruation and pregnancy, and all other situations not suitable for receiving a massage.

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