The Ayurvedic massage or Abhyangam massage is customized according to the dystonia of VATA, PITTA and KAPHA, it uses maneuvers of touching, kneading, friction, it is distinguished by the use of oils with medicinal herbs, the intensity and strength in the massage depends on the individual's needs.

In India there are different types of massage but all take the name Abhyangam, in sanskrit (ancient Indian language) its meaning is "application of oil in all parts of the body".

During the treatment the nadi (channels or streams), marman (doors), where prana (vital energy) flows inside, are activated.

Benefits of ayurvedic massage:

  • Physical: relaxation, slowing down aging, detoxification, tissue rejuvenation, muscle toning, improved eyesight, greater flexibility at the joints, alleviation of rheumatic pains, maternity and infant well-being.
  • Physiological: good functioning of organs and digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems.
  • Psychological: contentedness, calm, mental clarity, resistance to stress; elimination of emotional trauma, tiredness, depression, insomnia and anxiety; improvement of communication; improvement of the health of the patient.

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