Ayurvedic massage for sports, improves sports performance, the calm mind, along with fluidity of gesture are the winning keys of champions.

A calm mind increases the ability to stay focused, execute the correct body pattern, and get the balance right between relaxation and responsiveness.
Inner calm (which does not mean lack of explosiveness) really makes a difference in any race.
The emotional balance of a clear mind allows you to perceive your explosive resources such as speed, strength, endurance, grit, keeping in touch with your essential and most precious tool, the mind-body unit.
The body becomes performing, the muscles are ready to compete, self-control, makes it easier to manage simultaneously and synergistically the body, emotions and thoughts. In this way it becomes possible to recall one's own state of "centering" even in the most difficult conditions.

The body consumes a lot of glycogen and energy resources, the muscle tissue accumulates waste during the performance of the activity, the repetition of the same movement causes contractures. During training and especially during the race, in addition to fatigue, the muscular effort is accompanied by nervous stress and the excess production of waste substances (lactic acid, catabolites and toxins). This can create muscle tension that is evident to the touch in a hypertonus of the "muscle bands".
The effects of ayurvedic massage for sports are significant and important: it decreases heart rate and blood pressure in order to remove lactic acid, reduces the risk of injury, helps to relax muscles, improves circulation by oxygenating the tissues, facilitates the drainage of toxins, the production of endorphins, increases the pain threshold, improves sleep quality, energy recovery and concentration.

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