Water massage is a deep and relaxing treatment for the mind and body.

When we float in water, our thoughts melt, minimizing their weight. In the absence of gravity, the correct movements relieve muscle tension.

The water massage is a mix of techniques, stretching, joint mobilizations and dance, an antigravity sensation that makes us relive the maternal period, we return to the womb.

While floating in the warm water, the patient is continuously supported, cradled and pampered.

Water massage is considered safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly. It is very useful on a psychological level for those who have relationship difficulties, it is a unique experience, it requires a lot of trust in the therapist, the patient will later learn to have the same trust in others.

The benefits include:

Reduction of anxiety and stress

Decrease in various types of pain

Sleep improvement

Improvement of digestion

Feeling of general well-being


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