Ayuwellness Luxury for your mind was born in 2019, after a ten-year experience in several luxury spa resorts. The idea is due to a careful attention and research to rediscover the meaning of wellness and satisfaction in the deepest place of our existence: the soul.
The federica ennas ayuwellness 2soul, it is precisely the soul that gives us the opportunity to live, to animate, move and concretize what we are here and now.
The society we live in pursues compulsive buying and immediate emotions, the expectation that we place in the experience we want to do takes us away from finding our inner self (the deepest self).
Are we really sure that living in these contexts fills us with joy, which turns into a prolonged state of bliss, of calm that needs the mind to regenerate itself, or are they just situations, moments that satisfy our ego?
One thing is certain, the quality of sleep, food and lifestyle play a decisive role in the nervous system.

Different types of brain waves make us understand our thought processes, our emotions, the activities and the dynamics that generate a type of "energy" in our brain, and in sequence they have an effect on the whole body in every single cell of an entire organ, here is true luxury for the mind.
Having a massage is always worth it. An ayurvedic massage would be even better.


The human body is unctuous by nature and its vitality depends on this (Sushruta Samhita)

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Ayuwellness Lusso per la Mente nasce nel 2019, dopo una personale carriera decennale nel mondo delle spa in vari posti prestigiosi. L’idea nasce da un’accurata attenzione e ricerca negli ultimi tempi, di riscoprire l’importanza dello stare bene, e di essere appagati nel posto più profondo del nostro essere: l’anima. Continua a leggere



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